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The only thing more valuable than attention today is trust. We bring focus to hospitals and hospital systems through deep category experience, weaving creativity, technology and empathy into authentic stories and engaging experiences that help restore and increase trust.

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The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend you to others. Companies with long-term profitable growth have an NPS two times higher than average. Improving customer experiences through integrated, supportive, reality-based information at every touchpoint can lift Net Promoter Scores to help achieve higher customer satisfaction, improve acquisition and retention and impact market share.


Trust wasn't built in a day. We apply the principles of experience design to every communications touchpoint to create a positive experience for the customer and increase their expectations for more. In this way, engagement, preference and long-term relationships build.


Our planners and strategists help you define the high ground and own it, elevating and differentiating your brand through authenticity, insight and leadership.


Useful information that connects logically and emotionally, delivered like a smart, charismatic friend would, in ways that are noticed, remembered and acted on.


We prefer to call it contact planning, creating segment personas and customer journeys to surround your audience with useful, media-appropriate messaging at every touchpoint.


Our CRM programs go beyond the data to begin and nurture long-term relationships that build trust and loyalty beyond the typical price-driven relationship many brands face.


In a world where even ads have their own PR, we create newsworthy, focused communications programs to help clients achieve a leadership position as a trusted industry voice.


We speak your language, whatever that may be. Our deep resources give us the ability to create and scale front and back-end solutions on virtually any technology platform in any area.


The challenge today isn't finding data: it's dealing with oceans of it. Our analysts, tool kits and experience help clients separate the tide from the waves.


We specialize in helping hospitals and hospital systems increase trust and improve performance. Our experience in this highly complicated and highly regulated category allows us to offer unique perspective and insights gained from our work across the entire health care ecosystem. Our expertise includes patients, providers, caregivers, payers, legislators, and C-suite audiences across the hospital, insurance, medical device, pharma and biotech industries.


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, located in northern New Hampshire, is the state’s only teaching hospital and the flagship of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock health system. But in densely populated southern NH, excellent care from Boston’s world-renowned teaching hospitals is as close or even closer. Our brand and service line communications streams have helped D-H strengthen their presence and patient volume in this highly competitive region.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Anyone who has read or watched The Emperor of all Maladies knows of Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. But to reach major donors elsewhere in the world, we created Welcome To The Frontier, a documentary that infuses the next chapters of the Dana-Farber saga with the energy and passion of a Silicon Valley startup. It’s a story of new breakthroughs in personalized medicine, genomics, technology, pharma startups and rock star researchers.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital

Trust isn’t a product, it’s a result generated by satisfied users. For Partners Healthcare’s Newton-Wellesley Hospital, that begins with a renewed focus on patient-centered care, and a new website designed to improve the overall user experience. This project included a new visual design and upgraded functionality of patient-focused tools including ED Wait Times, dedicated service subsites and improved storytelling capabilities.


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