From Journey to Destination: End-to-end B2B Marketing Automation

Among today’s top performing companies are those that have incorporated a strong marketing automation program. Their sales and marketing teams realize that marketing automation can help them work smarter instead of harder – nurturing leads with the right content, qualifying buyers for the best fit and maximizing the efficiency of multi-touch sales cycles.

Leveraged correctly, marketing automation takes relationship-building to the next level. Yet it requires a depth of knowledge that rarely exists within a single individual or even a single marketing department. Marketing automation success involves determining the optimum mix of media to attract visitors, the delicate process of converting the visitor into a prospect without scaring them away, and then providing the right content at the right time to move them through the sales funnel.

This eBook will explain how taking an integrated approach to marketing automation — one that combines expertise in digital initiatives, content marketing tactics and public relations —  can help companies grow top-line revenue, increase productivity and maximize performance.

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